Proven Blog Money Making Techniques That Work

Proven Blog Money Making Techniques That Work

If you’re a new blogger who wants to write a successful blog, you’re in luck, because it’s absolutely possible. I’ve coached many bloggers to grow their audiences and create blogs that bring them consistent income.

It’s not rocket science, but you do need to be strategic and follow a few basic rules.

Here’s what I have found works for bloggers from all different niches and backgrounds –

“Proven Blog Money Making Techniques That Work”

1. Understand your readers

First thing’s first: ­you must understand your readers to have a successful blog.

That means knowing who they are, what they struggle with, and why they are reading your blog in the first place.

Create a profile for your ideal reader.

• How old is your reader?
• Is your reader a man or a woman?
• What does he or she want to accomplish?

Write out a short description of your reader, and then look at it every time you write a blog post.

Then, make sure that each post is designed to help your reader. You can learn so much from your readers by asking them about their struggles.

I ask every reader that signs up for my email list what they are struggling with in their blog. Their answers help me create content that I know they will love.

2. Reach out to more people

Networking is the main key factor when it comes to building a profitable blog online. No one will purchase anything/stuff from you if they don’t know you at all. The only strategy  to enhance your brand awareness and sales is via networking.

Reach out every influencer or other bloggers in your same niche. Connect with them, build and foster a closer relationships and frequently share their blog on social media platforms.

Here are few networking strategies you can use to build and foster a closer relationships with other bloggers and influencers.

  • Attend seminars, join live webinar or live events if they’re happening within your vicinity.
  • Blogging forums is a place where you can start to connect and networking with other bloggers within your same niche. So, start participating in these forums discussion.
  • Use Twitter to your advantage and benefit. Find and follow all bloggers and influencers in your niche. Frequently mention, comment and retweet their blog to grab their attention.
  • Email your customers whenever you find something useful or awesome to them. Or if you find a broken link on any site, let the site owner know through email. This way you’ll make stronger relationships in the long run. They might consider a backlink to your site as a gesture in near future.

3. Leverage your content

Once you know who your reader is, you can create great content that builds trust and makes them want to buy from you.

But don’t just write blog posts for your blog. Use your time wisely by writing content you can leverage to generate more income.

4. Guest posts

I recommend that newbie bloggers write 2-3 posts for their own blogs every week, and 1-2 guest posts for other, more popular and higher authority blogs. That’s because, in the beginning, no one knows your blog exists. It’s a far better make use of your time to guest blog and get in front of other bloggers’ audiences rather than writing content for your own blog that people will likely never see.

5. Round up posts

A great way to get more viewers on your blog is to create roundup posts, where you ask a number of industry experts a specific question, and then share their answers in a single blog post.

When you publish that post, you tell all the experts, and then many of them will share it with their audiences, giving your blog a great traffic boost. I’ve had many of my clients publish roundup posts and then see their traffic go up dramatically.

6. Comment on other blogs

Speaking of leveraging your content to get more traffic, you can’t just stay on your own blog and expect to grow your audience.

A great way of getting backlinks to your blog and building relationships with bigger bloggers is to comment on other blogs in your niche.

Write a list of 20 bloggers with whom you want to build relationships.

Then comment on 2 of those blogs every day. Make sure your comments are thoughtful and add to the conversation.

Find out the blogs that use CommentLuv plugin or dofollow and start commenting on them. Don’t write one or two liner comments, always leave thoughtful comments if you want to increase your website traffic.

When you’ve taken the time to build relationships with influencers, they’ll be far more likely to answer your roundup question and to have you on their blog as a guest blogger.

7. Be consistent

Even if you’re guest posting, commenting, and doing round-up posts, it still takes time to grow a loyal audience for your blog. That’s why it’s so important to be consistent with publishing high-quality content on your blog.

I publish 2-3 blog posts every week, and I have done that since I started this blog.

Writing consistent content helps your readers trust you and come back for more. They won’t be left guessing when your next post will come out.

If you struggle with writing consistent blog posts, consider having other bloggers guest post on your blog. You’ll not only get great content on your blog, you will also build relationships with other bloggers, which is key to having a successful blog.

8. Grow your email list

When it comes to having a successful blog, your email list is the most important asset you need to grow.

The best way to grow your email list is to:

1 Know who your readers are
2 Find out what transformation they are trying to achieve
3 Create a lead magnet you can give them in return for their email address
4 Strategically place that lead magnet throughout your blog.
5 Get free traffic through guest posts and round up post
6 Offer freebies like ebook, PDF, infograghics, free email courses in exchange for your visitors’ email address.
7 Turn your popular post into an eBook or PDF  that easy to download and offer them as a freebie to attract the right people to your email list.  This way you can effectively build your list.
8 Use landing pages as a way to get more email conversion as they provide less distraction to the visitors.
9 Showcase testimonials-if you can- as social proof can instantly build up your brand and credibility.  This helps you easily turn people into subscribers.

Once someone is on your email list, you can tell them of new blog posts, and more importantly, let them know when you have something to offer/sell.

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9. Sell your own products

Selling information products is the surefire way to make passive income from blogs. Unfortunately, most bloggers don’t focus on creating passive income streams they rather focus on quick earning methods.

If you want to build a better blog that makes money, launch products that help people to solve their problems.

While launching your own information products, keep the following things in mind to get more sales.

  • One of the most effective ways to increase your digital product sales is to build a specific list of email subscribers who are interested in your products and who are ready to buy stuff from you.
  • Take help from the people who are already making money by selling information products.
  • Give commission to the people who promote your products on their blogs. Give up to 50% affiliate commission for every successful sale.

That wraps up My 9 Proven Blog Money Making Techniques That Work and help you in making money with your blog.

I’ll be keep in touch with you in the coming weeks as we discover and develop insights into the world of blogging. And as always, please let me know if you have any questions by leave them below. I will get back to you the max 12 hours.

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Proven Blog Money Making Techniques That Work
In this article, I show you 9 proven blog money making techniques that help you in earning passive income from blogging.

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